1. Good group
The team of 50 is composed of a large number of excellent Amazon operation talents, most of whom are professional operators from the United States, Europe, Japan and other regions. The average experience of Amazon operation is 3-5 years, and they have a thorough understanding of the rules of Amazon platform and the shopping habits and consumer psychology of overseas and local buyers.In salearchive, the professional amazon generation operation team helped enterprises to shorten the profit time and save the trouble of self-built team.
2. Platform resources
The company has the green channel operated by amazon, which can keep abreast of the changes of amazon rules and the market.The company’s professional integrated marketing personnel can make full use of Amazon, Google, Facebook and other overseas online media resources to provide sufficient traffic for enterprise products.The company has been deeply rooted in amazon for many years and has rich industry resources, which can help enterprises timely understand and adapt to the operation rules and market changes of amazon and seize market opportunities.
3. Efficient execution
The team has many years of experience in amazon operation and is good at planning the overall operation plan, including product planning, marketing strategy and so on.Clear division of labor, tacit cooperation, also often exchange learning, constantly improve professional knowledge.The efficient executive team in salearchive can help enterprises quickly build a sales platform, timely update listing, perform product promotion tasks, and help enterprises quickly sell products to achieve profitability.
4. Improve resources
The refined amazon operation team has a clear division of labor from planning, operation, design, analysis and promotion to customer service.In salearchive, it has a set of mature and perfect amazon operation management system, which can help enterprises quickly set up the cross-border e-commerce operation system, and enable enterprises to seize the opportunity in the fierce cross-border e-commerce competition, save the cost of talent recruitment and operation training, and shorten the profit time.
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